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Our Kind of Vegas: Lady A starts Sin City residency, as Backstreet Boys help entertain their wives and kids


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This weekend, Lady Antebellum kicked off their Our Kind of Vegas residency at Pearl Concert Theater in The Palms Casino Resort.

After Friday's opening night, Hillary Scott, Charles Kelley, and Dave Haywood were invigorated to see the intimate experience they'd envisioned coming together.

"It felt awesome," Hillary reflected. "We really were just so living in the moment of getting to see the show be brought to life, and have the feedback of the audience for the first time. And to see the moments that we have talked about for so many months…"

"Actually play out like you wanted them to play out," Charles interjected, finishing her sentence. "It felt like we were amongst a lot of friends."

Lady A's residency also gives them the chance to spend some quality time with their families while they're in Vegas.

"Flying here, my daughter Eisele, my oldest, was ecstatic," Hillary explained. "And it's because our families are actually bunkered down together. And so Eisele and Cash and Lillie, Dave's daughter, and my twins that are only a month apart, it's just like a Kindercare. They're just playing and wearing each other out and having a great time."

Hillary admits they're also making other plans.

"My little girl is actually not coming to our show on Wednesday," she revealed, as Charles chimed in: "My wife, too. My wife's blowing out our show."

"To go see the Backstreet Boys," Hillary finished.

"They're all skipping out on us," Dave agreed.

"My five-and-a-half-year-old's like, 'See ya! Goin' to see Backstreet,'" Hillary laughed.

Lady A has three more dates at The Palms next week, before returning in May and August. You can find out more at Palms.com.

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