To know who I am now, it is good to know my beginnings. I am a farm boy. That means if it has an engine odds are I am allowed to drive it. AND I am the middle of 3 brothers in a huge family. I have 10 blood-aunts&uncles on my Dad’s side alone! So odds are you and I are related thru marriage. I’m a simple guy with simple pleasures. I feel that some people were created to work and enjoy what they do. I am such a person. I like to work, having clean socks on, and a good home-cooked meal.  In many ways I am an old man at heart, and a child too. Creation of radio, sitting down over a good cold-beer with friend, and destruction are my favorite things.


Kick’n’s App Update: Its not Scratch a Sniff Screen!

  Just to clarify the rumors, about the Kick'n app update. None of the 'scratch and sniff' are true. Clearly someone has been 'sniffing something'...

Found a penny from 1910!

What a cool journey to day dream about on-work-hours. - Radio Jay   "We've been waiting a hundred years to meet." - Penny "Hi!" - Me "You know...

Blast from the Past: Jay Smashing the 1st water melon

When you start a sentence with "You know what we should do..." this happens.

Weird: Name a House Plant?

Kick'n Country Podcast - Naming House Plants- Sure kids, pets, and even people who cut us off in traffic get named. But a plant? - Streeter...

Never know who you’re going to run into in PC…

Radio Jay nearly gets run over by "Fan Lady" getting a new fan from Kick'n 103.5. Had to post about this chance encounter. Fan...

Blast from the Past: Intern gives Kick’n Country Advice

  Kick'n Country says goodbye to intern Gina!   More:   Even more: All Podcasts page Trying the new Dolce Italiano restaurant.

Smash 5 – no one was cut open

"I love my job."-Jay

Kick’n Podcast: Jay has a sliced bread epiphone

    Jay spaced out making his lunch today... here are his thoughts... about bread.

Expired: Secret Sound Wrong Guesser Hint

  One listener tried to **almost** cheat, so we wanted to share their wrong guess with everyone to get you a step closer to guessing...

Kick’n Country Turns Embarrassing Mom into a Contest: Happy Mother’s Day?

Finally the embarrassing parts of raising kids are paying off! We just turned embarrassing Mom into a contest for Mother's Day: Moms, share your stories! Listen to...

Just for fun: Pic of the day #9

News Headline: Nasa sends probe to Uranus Everybody: *giggles*   Just for fun: Pic of the day: laughing is allowed, today and today only. The face Stapler face...

Expired: Just for fun: Pic of the day #14

"Beer is proof, God wants us to be happy." -Thomas Edison   Just for fun: Pic of the day: Try not to smile 🙂

Ruin your bacon/Make your popcorn awesome?

We do this for your entertainment/warning.

Local Event: Teen Driver Challenge

Want to feel more in control on the road? Your teen? I thought this was too cool not to share.  I just wish they had...

Weird thought of the week… Lies in Writing

Does writing or reading affect the brain? People tend to look up and left when we are having creative thoughts. People also tend to look up...

Morning show eats oreo for your entertainment

You thought Oreos couldn't get more addictive...

Man puts his hand in molten metal…?!

Big on the internet today: "WHATINTHEWORLD-WHYWOULDYOU!?" -me

This is a hat.

  Lets debate if sleds make good hats. -Mark-da-Shark & Radio Jay Now that its cold-outside. More interest on the word below:     I'd always know the word "toboggan"...

A Little Girl In a Christmas Play Steals Baby Jesus From the Manger

"That's not part of the story!" -hahahahahhaahHHAHHAHAHWEHHWHHAHAHH