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Morgan Evans braves the sharks for a surfing expedition Down Under, while he lures Kelsea Ballerini outside with wine


ABC/Image Group LAThis weekend, Morgan Evans spent his first weekend of 2019 on the road with Old Dominion for the Make It Sweet Tour.

The Aussie native is just back from a holiday trip Down Under with his wife, Kelsea Ballerini.

"I had a great trip home," Morgan says. "It was my first Christmas with my family in a few years, so that was awesome. Kelsea came down too and Kelsea's mom came down, so it was a full family affair."

"And I surfed every single day I was there," he adds, "and yes, I saw my first shark in the water when I was down there. And [it] turns out I can paddle a lot faster than I thought I could," he laughs." "Yeah, I went back surfing in the same place the next day, so I don't know what that means."

During their trip to Australia, Kelsea joked on her socials that Morgan had lured her on an outdoor excursion because there was wine at the end. But Morgan says his wife is usually game for an adventure.

"I love getting outside and doing activities or whatever, whether it be surfing or riding bikes or whatever," he explains. "And she does too. I don't feel like I'm ever forcing — I'm never forcing her to do anything…" he laughs.

"It's awesome to get to share both sides of life, or all the sides of life together. But if there's wine at the end, that does help my cause," he smiles.

This weekend, Kelsea surprised fans in Chicago by appearing to sing "Dance with Me," her duet with Morgan.

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