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Local Event: Teen Driver Challenge

Want to feel more in control on the road? Your teen? I thought this was too cool not to share.  I just wish they had something like this when i was learning to drive.
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Thanks to all the crew with BCSO,
-Radio Jay


Traffic crashed occur every 12 seconds in the United States.

The Teen Driver Challenge Program was implemented to target the concerns of parents and the Sheriff in an effort to save lives, better equip our youths to create safer driving habits, and learn skills that will better prepare them to cope with situations they may encounter while driving.

The course consist of a classroom and driving session. From basic skills, actions and techniques.

Classroom:                                                                          Driving Exercise:

Vehicle Dynamics                                                               Evasive Maneuvers
Human Factors                                                                   Threshold/Emergency Braking
Responsibility                                                                    Cornering
Liability                                                                              Backing
Drug and Alcohol Use                                                        Off Road Recovery
Aggressive Driving                                                            Forward/Reverse Serpentine
Figure 8

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