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RUMOR: Streeter doesn’t wear pants


This is our “When it gets cold outside podcast.” And its things like this podcast that stick around for years. And make listeners start awkward conversations with things like “So… I heard [instert subject here]… is that you, Streeter?” This could honestly color the rest of Streeter’s morning show career.

When in reality this rumor was started right here. Right now.

A few DJs standing around, talking in the hallway, here at the Kick’n Country studios. The recording below is that conversation. Viewer discretion encouraged.

XOXO to Flip & Streeter in the morning,

-The Rest of the Kick’n Country Air-staff


(we really mean mostly Radio Jay)

“When it gets cold outside podcast: Streeter doesn’t wear pants”

-The Kick’n Country Air-staff