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Go West, young woman: Pop star Colbie Caillat is now in a country quartet


Triple Tigers RecordsEven if you don't know the name Colbie Caillat, you'd probably recognize her platinum smash from 2007, "Bubbly," with its catchy lyrics: "It starts in my toes, and I crinkle my nose/Wherever it goes/I always know." Now, the California-born pop star is in a country band.

The group is called Gone West, and it's made up of Colbie, her fiance Justin Kawika Young, her longtime songwriting collaborator Jason Reeves and his wife, Nellie Joy. Nellie and Jason were also in a duo together called High Dive Heart. Their debut EP, TIDES, is out now.

Speaking to Billboard, Justin explained the band's name: "We're all from west of Tennessee and when we're not in Nashville, chances are we've gone west — back to Iowa, Texas, California or Hawaii."

The four came together after they all worked together on Colbie's 2016 album The Malibu Sessions, and then went on tour to support it.

"It was an acoustic tour and very harmony driven, and we realized how much fun touring could be when you’re with your friends and significant others — and can bring your dogs out on the road too,” Colbie told Billboard.

Here's the TIDES track listing:

“Gone West”
“Home Is Where The Heartbreak Is"
“This Time”

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