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“Girl”: The surprising inspiration behind Maren Morris’ “really powerful, womanly anthem”


Columbia Nashville

"Girl," the lead single from Maren Morris's forthcoming second album, is an uplifting female empowerment anthem. But the Grammy-winner admits the song actually came out of a little bit of conflict.

"I was talking about another person, who I feel like –in an unfortunate way — we're always pitted against each other," Maren explains. "And I was trying to write the song from the angle of, like, how I would write a letter to this person and say, 'We don't need to do this to each other…this is what other people have done to us.'"

But as she was working on the tune, Maren says her perspective changed.

"Then I realized I'm actually writing this about myself, and to myself, and that inner critic," she recalls. "So the whole story behind 'Girl' really started and ended with, y'know, we all need to take a collective look in the mirror and chill out and just know that we are not perfect, but it's okay."

"It makes it way more interesting when you're not [perfect] and you embrace that," she adds.

Maren says she certainly realizes that "Girl" is different than anything she's ever released before.

"It's more like a call to action, I guess, this song," she reflects. "It's definitely the biggest 'statement' kind of song I've ever released."

"So [it] felt appropriate," she finishes, "especially the timing of now, to put a really powerful, womanly anthem out there."
"Girl" is available to stream or download now; you can check out its lyric video on YouTube.

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