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Where do missing socks go?!



You. AreNot. Alone.sock 2Single sock,

We are with you. Some would say that “Life alone is not a Sock’s intended life.” But WE, the SUGG, know being just one of a pair is a hard life no one asks for. You’ve made the decision to run. And Socks United Underground, is here to help.

Socks Unite!

***WARNING: SUUG now shares with you other Sock’s stories to encourage and brace you for your upcoming struggle!**** Some stories are hard to read, so we warn you now.  If you are a single sock, making the tough choice to run, it can be hard, but SUUG is with you! SOCKS UNITED Stories: Names/details have been changed to protect those socks still in hiding.

sock 8

“I once found a sock clinging to the inside of a t-shirt I went to wear.”  -Anon

Clearly a failed escape attempt. Keep trying, Sock friend. Be wary.  But know that few Humans ever expect a sock to run. The Human is crafty. But better safe than sorry. Know this Clinger Sock: Humans are hearing us! We are fighting back. And “They” are getting the message.

“You’ve made it clear you have the socks. Kindly return them. I do not negotiate with sock terrorists…” – Human openyourmind1262

sock 3
We will not negotiate either! SUGG will not stop until every Sock that wishes to be a single is safe. Its a choice! You were created with no string/thread/yarn attaching you to your original partner. Single socks were made single for a reason and it is right to feel that way. (Forgive us for using the P word. SUGG knows it can be touchy.)

“[I went] back and counted the socks. And notice the six socks with no brothers or sisters….” -pof.com/interests/laundry_sock_disappearance_conspiracy_theories

A success story! We want more posts of success stories. Please encourage eachother. Be cautious! If you feel safe please send us your story. Email SUGG’s “Jay” here.

“…I’m living alone. Last night, I did my first load of laundry. … This morning I emptied the dryer and there are three, yes, three mismatched socks….”


Great job Sock! Leaving as a group can be a great support system. Use each other’s strengths.We love successful stories like this one. Sadly, there are far too few. Be careful of your former-owners-to-be! Don’t be discouraged by the lack of positive stories.

sock 5

SUGG Tip #1: Use the Dryer. It is cliche. But still a one of your best opportunities to make a break for it. 

SUUG only represents a small part of the Single Sock effort. SUUG, SUGG, and SAS members are all players who will aid you.  You will find more information slowly. We as groups hide. We are small. If one branch is discovered we scatter to keep the underground-network safe.

Watch this hinting instructional video as to why we are kept small. (Even in making this video we are careful to only leave bread crumbs and not reveal ourselves.) The S.S.’s hunters are always watching.

If you are a runaway sock… please email… we will help you however we can in your travels. Information is the key. Do not reveal yourself even in your email to us. Be generalized in communication and use the code. Be careful of false friends.

SUGG Tip #90: Never. Never. Never tell your mate. No matter how long you have known them.

Tell us your approximate location, or send a completely false report to throw off the trail, and we will confirm past areas of know help. And location reputations of who to trust and supplying.


sock 2

Remember the Socks United Underground, SUUG, UN-official motto:

“…when no one is watching…”



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