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Wakeboarding or a #1 song? How Kip Moore almost missed “More Girls Like You”


ABC/Image Group LA Kip Moore celebrated his #1 lead single from his album Slowheart, at a party Tuesday afternoon at Analog at Nashville’s Hutton Hotel.

It’s a moment that almost didn’t happen, because Kip nearly missed the writing appointment when “More Girls Like You” came to life. At the time, he’d just come off the road and was headed to the lake to do some wakeboarding.

“I’ve always had that fear of maybe I’m gonna miss out on a magical day,” Kip admits, “so I don’t cancel stuff. I’d already had those plans, and then [publisher] Nate [Lowery] was like, ‘Well, I’ve put this on the books for you.’ So I didn’t want to bail…”

Kip was also anxious to collaborate with his eventual co-writers, David GarciaJosh Miller and Steven Lee Olsen.

“Nate had sent me some demos that these guys had done,” Kip says, “and I loved what they were doing, so I wanted to jump on the opportunity. And I felt like I was already in a creative headspace, so I’m super-stoked that I showed up that day.”

“More Girls Like You” is the fourth #1 of Kip’s career. He kicks off the second leg of his Plead the Fifth Tour March 22 in Kingston, Ontario.

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