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Show wraps season early as injured Ryan Phillippe hobbles “Shooter”


USA Network/Isabella Vosmikova(LOS ANGELES) — Because star Ryan Phillippe broke his leg back in July, USA Network is wrapping production on his show Shooter early, closing out season two with the eighth episode instead of its tenth.

The actor suffered a broken left leg in a “freak accident” while with family on July 16, an injury that required surgery. The series continued production while Phillippe recovered, passing the time in part by dutifully live-tweeting the shows with viewers.

Shooter had been in the midst of producing episode nine when the producers made the decision, Deadline reports.

The trade notes that producers, prioritizing Ryan’s recovery, found a “natural story point” in the eighth episode that worked as a way to sum up the season. “While this was not the original plan, the producers, network and studio are happy with the way the Season 2 story would wrap,” the trade explained.

For his part, Phillippe recently posted, “I’m ready to whoop some a**, but my bones gotta catch up.”

Shooter is based on executive-producer Mark Wahlberg’s 2007 thriller movie of the same name, centering on Phillippe’s military sniper character, Bobby Lee Swagger. Both the movie and series are based on the series of novels by Stephen Hunter that feature Swagger.

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