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“Scandal” recap: Season 7 premieres with “Watch Me”


ABC/Eric McCandless(LOS ANGELES) — In “Watch Me,” the premiere episode of Scandal‘s seventh and final season, Frankie Vargas dies and Cyrus Beene is sworn in as Mellie Grant’s new vice president.

Olivia, Mellie and Cyrus seem unstoppable in the White House, with Olivia pushing her legislation by blackmailing a senator to vote for her free college bill.

Back at Olivia and Associates offices, now Quinn and Associates, Quinn has received her first case — to find a missing father. They later realize that it’s a CIA agent who’s been captured.

Olivia meets with her father at their weekly dinner where Eli Pope tells Liv she’s becoming him. And she is now in charge of Command.

Quinn goes to Liv’s place to inform her about the CIA agent. Olivia tells Jake, now her lover, to investigate.

Jake confirms it and tells Liv they need to kill him before he gives away national secrets to Bashran. Liv says she’ll think about it.

As part of his duties, Cyrus meets with a democratic senator to lobby for the free college bill. The senator tries to sway him to bring down the bill so it can be a win for the democrats when Cyrus becomes president. Cyrus appears to be thinking about the notion.

Back at the White House, Liv brings Mellie up to speed about the CIA agent and calls in Jake. Liv tells Jake to bring back the father and not kill him, which Jake later argues with her about. Liv tells him it’s her White House and to follow her orders.

Liv also seems to rub Cyrus the wrong way by ordering him around. He contemplates sabotaging Mellie’s bill, but then seems to fall back after Mellie appears sincere about her efforts to see the bill pass.

Jake later convinces Mellie to kill the agent – against Liv’s wishes. Upset that they went behind her back, Liv decides to blackmail a foreign ambassador from that country to get the CIA agent out before he’s killed. In doing so, she puts Mellie and Jake in their place. 

Jake later comes to Liv’s place to apologize for being sneaky. Liv tells him off and ends their relationship.

From a phone call we learn that Liv used the Democratic senator to try to set Cyrus up. Fortunately, Cyrus passed and was faithful to Mellie.

The episode ends with Mellie addressing Liv’s actions to get the CIA agent released. Liv tells Mellie she needs to follow her direction and remember Liv is really boss. Mellie accepts Liv’s instruction since she believes Liv holds the presidency in her hands.

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