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“Scandal” recap: “People Like Me”


ABC/Mitch Haaseth(LOS ANGELES) — In Scandal‘s latest episode, “People Like Me,” President Mellie asks Olivia to kill Cyrus Beene. However, a reformed Liv says she doesn’t “kill anymore.”

Mellie then explains to Liv why Cyrus must go down and Liv takes it to heart. 

Cyrus meets with Jake, who’s now on his side. Cyrus tells Jake to “watch” Mellie, but Jake thinks they need to focus on Liv. Cyrus says no — and Jake reluctantly takes his orders. 

Meanwhile, Mellie is dealing with the aftermath of Cyrus setting her up for the hijacking of Air Force 2.

To help Mellie, Liv meets the gladiators to find a way to set up a meeting with Cyrus. Quinn says if the meeting doesn’t work, she will find out dirt on Cyrus so she can clear Charlie’s name for being an accomplice.

Liv covertly meets with Cyrus. At the meeting, Liv tells Cyrus to drop the bogus case against Mellie or they will bring him down. Cyrus tells Liv to do her worst, because he’s confident that his team is stronger than her team. Cyrus makes himself comfortable, telling Liv her efforts are in vain. 

In the Oval Office, Mellie is by herself but knows Jake is watching and tells him he’s being played by everyone — and will never win.

Huck, who’s with Liv, realizes Liv is planning to poison Cyrus if the plan for him to confess doesn’t work. Huck is upset she’s reverted back to her evil ways and tells Liv he knows what she’s doing. Liv says she hasn’t done anything yet.

Cyrus tells Liv she’s wasting her time and that he’s not going to reveal any information no matter what.

Quinn, meanwhile, is trying to track down Cyrus’ accomplices. Quinn and Abby eventually crack into Cyrus’ cell phone, while he’s in the meeting with Liv. They find the hacker, but the hacker is dead. Once Liv hears the news, she decides it’s time to give Cyrus the poisoned wine. Huck tells her not to do it, but she tells him to leave. 

Cyrus’ accomplice shows up at Jake’s office saying Cyrus is missing. They realize he’s being held by Liv. Before Liv can give the poisoned drink to Liv, Jake comes in and stops her. He then tells Liv she doesn’t have the nerve to kill. Liv freezes, realizing Jake’s right and stands there speechless. 

Mellie meets with Liv again. Liv tells Mellie she couldn’t kill Cyrus, but that together they are smarter and can still take down Cyrus — and keep the White House.

Mellie addresses the press with a passionate speech saying she’s “not guilty” and she will not be bullied. She promises to seek out the truth.

Liv visits Fitz and they have sex. Cyrus visits Jake at his place, where Jake tells him he has devised a plan. There, Cyrus learns Jake has killed his wife and that he plans to more forward with or without Cyrus. Cyrus chooses to work with Jake for fear of death.

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