LISTEN: Flip Surprises Streeter with HUGE news!!!

Noah Garner kicks open to door to take over Streeter's Wheel of Artists and unknowingly drops some huge news!

Future Theory

Some people want to be buried with hundreds of pounds of glitter in the coffin with them. This way when a future archaeologists finds...

LISTEN: John Rich of Big & Rich Calls in to Flip & Streeter

John Rich of Big & Rich will be at Spinnaker Beach Club this Saturday night (March 10th) for the launch party of his Redneck...

LISTEN: Kyle Mitchell & Southern Sunday Perform LIVE in Studio!

Kyle Mitchell & Southern Sunday stopped by The Gulf Coast Morning Show w/ Flip & Streeter to chat about this weekend's show with John...

LISTEN: Wheel of Artists – Will Thompson takes on Valentines Day!

Will Thompson stopped by the studios to talk about his upcoming show at The Martin Theatre Saturday night.  (Tix Here)  But I wouldn't let...

LISTEN: Too much death in Peter Rabbit???? A kids perspective

We took Bobby and Avery to see Peter Rabbit Monday night and had them review the film.  I'm not surprised about Bobby's complaint........

Have a TV in your Bedroom?

    Is it behind the times to not watch TV in bed? -Radio Jay & Mark The Shark  

LISTEN: More proof Flip is training her daughter to hate Streeter

How much proof does Streeter need?   Seriously!?

LISTEN: This one’s for Georgia – PARODY song

Streeter went to bed before the game ended.  He woke up to a total surprise and some requests to write a song about Alabama's...

This is a hat.

  Lets debate if sleds make good hats. -Mark-da-Shark & Radio Jay Now that its cold-outside. More interest on the word below:     I'd always know the word "toboggan"...

Man Rules Podcast #4: Relationship lines

"Yes, some rules shouldn't need to be written down. But there is now a man rules field guide."   -Radio Jay & Mark-Da-Shark    

Coloring books… in the On-Air Studio?

https://youtu.be/iHRKpBbPMd8     This makes a headache go away? Read more Blast from the Past: Jay Smashing the 1st water melon Jay- September 17, 2016 When you start a sentence with "You...

How did Jay break his Toe?

    *Crack* - My Toe Oh my, that reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally hurts. - Me *Contently purrs* - Radio Jay's Cat   (Post from 2017.)

DJs Can Have Lookalikes Podcast?

  Jay's lookalikes:   Ever have someone say you look like ? Its an odd feeling. Working at a place where no one gets to see you, its...

Sleep: bigger faster stronger

  Allison & Jay share a few tips about something we all spend a third of our live doing, sleeping.    

Villain Fairy Tales?

https://youtu.be/QRMbbA2pY5E A reading of The Evil Within book. A new take on the 'why' villain are villains in the classic stories we all know and...

RUMOR: Streeter doesn’t wear pants

This is our "When it gets cold outside podcast." And its things like this podcast that stick around for years. And make listeners start...

“Just don’t wear pants” That’s a serious Costume Idea

  One person mis-hears something. Next thing you know, a costume idea is born. -Mark da Shark, Radio Jay & Allison

LISTEN: Flip & Streeter’s Disney Theater! Episode 1: BayCountyLand

It's come together!  The 1st episode of Disney style theater on The Gulf Coast Morning Show!  The listeners create the plot, we bring it...

Man Rules Podcast: #2 In the John

Rules: in the John

$ecret $ounds: Round 2 for Money!

Here at Kick'n 103.5 we have a new On-Air Ca$h Game: We've made it harder. Lets see if Streeter can win this cash this time:...

How to Play: $ecret $ounds

Here at Kick'n 103.5 we have a new On-Air Ca$h Game: Lets see if Streeter can win this cash! Here is how you play:

Only Other People Love This…

Things Other People Love But You Can't Stand? -with Streeter & Jay.mp3   Behind the Scenes: How ads really happen. More Kick'ncasting: Batman vs Superman. RIP Merle Haggard  

All I need to know about you: Gas Pumps

  -with Streeter and Jay

Radio Jay’s Troublesome Zipper

#62 as explained by Streeter and Radio Jay.

What’s the Most Popular Emoji in Every State?

See the Pic!  I'm not sure if you can learn a lot about an entire state by the emojis they like . . . but...

Expired: Why would Frost want a hairless cat?

"They are goofy and terrifying all at the same time." - Radio Jay & Frost talk their childhood dreams. Frost has a weird one....
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