To know who I am now, it is good to know my beginnings. I am a farm boy. That means if it has an engine odds are I am allowed to drive it. AND I am the middle of 3 brothers in a huge family. I have 10 blood-aunts&uncles on my Dad’s side alone! So odds are you and I are related thru marriage. I’m a simple guy with simple pleasures. I feel that some people were created to work and enjoy what they do. I am such a person. I like to work, having clean socks on, and a good home-cooked meal.  In many ways I am an old man at heart, and a child too. Creation of radio, sitting down over a good cold-beer with friend, and destruction are my favorite things.


Only Other People Love This…

Things Other People Love But You Can't Stand? -with Streeter & Jay.mp3   Behind the Scenes: How ads really happen. More Kick'ncasting: Batman vs Superman. RIP Merle Haggard

All I need to know about you: Gas Pumps

  -with Streeter and Jay

Radio Jay’s Troublesome Zipper

#62 as explained by Streeter and Radio Jay.

What’s the Most Popular Emoji in Every State?

See the Pic!  I'm not sure if you can learn a lot about an entire state by the emojis they like . . . but...

Six Crazy Stats About Hurricane Irma

 Here are a few of the craziest stats about Hurricane Irma: Hurricane Irma could be THE strongest hurricane this country has ever seen.  Here are...

Why would Frost want a hairless cat?

"They are goofy and terrifying all at the same time." - Radio Jay & Frost talk their childhood dreams. Frost has a weird one....

Who would have thought: Flip & Streeter Stink at Cornhole

The Game: Cornhole The Technical Drawings: The Place: DCP The Date: 8/29/17 The Grand Prize: Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam Tickets The Reason: Because its a blast! The Terrible Team:...

We found a Bigfoot, but as you would expect…

Ever been 'Mistaken' for Bigfoot? Ian: No. Radio Jay: Twice Actually. Just last week.   A self-described shaman says a strange creature reportedly spotted in the hills is...

Dear Internet, the things you do drives us nuts.

  Radio Jay and Ian have problems... with the ellipsis.

Bad Hurricane Names?

The real system we should use to determine how nasty the weather is going to be. - with Radio Jay & Larry  

” ITS FOR THE FAMILY” – Villain Fairy Tales – A shameless plug from...

Kinda proud. I mean just look at it. The book looks intense! Cool news, my cousin has an author credit in a book! Had to...

Fireworks and Werewolves go together?

  Get a thunder-coat to help calm your pet. Be safe and have a good 4th. - Radio Jay & Ian Mexican Fireworks Factory Erupts.  

Costume Rip-Off Fun – Relay For Life 2017 Recap One of the fun events at Arnold HS's Relay For Life is the 'dress-making' competition. Not on the scheduled events: The Unofficial Costume Rip-off...

Radio Jay is cheap… and likes wet feet…?

Watermelon vs. Rubberbands Video Watermelon vs. Sledgehammer II Military Teer-Jerking Event – Warning raw audio- Radio Jay Hiking The Grand Canyon More Podcast: All Podcasts page Updates from Dolce Italiano Restaurant  

Radio Jay Doesn’t Get Fidget Spinners

  How did this become a thing? And why aren't we making money off of it? - Radio Jay

Playing What’s in the Bucket with Streeter

  Lets play "What's in the Bucket?!" - With Streeter and Jay This is how you can win tickets to Jeep Beach Jam!
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