To know who I am now, it is good to know my beginnings. I am a farm boy. That means if it has an engine odds are I am allowed to drive it. AND I am the middle of 3 brothers in a huge family. I have 10 blood-aunts&uncles on my Dad’s side alone! So odds are you and I are related thru marriage. I’m a simple guy with simple pleasures. I feel that some people were created to work and enjoy what they do. I am such a person. I like to work, having clean socks on, and a good home-cooked meal.  In many ways I am an old man at heart, and a child too. Creation of radio, sitting down over a good cold-beer with friend, and destruction are my favorite things.


Playing What’s in the Bucket with Streeter

  Lets play "What's in the Bucket?!" - With Streeter and Jay This is how you can win tickets to Jeep Beach Jam!

Kick’n Country Podcast: Are You Borrowing My Shampoo?!

Is Using Shampoo, as a Guest, Wrong?   More Podcast: All Podcasts page Turning Mother's Day into an embarrassment contest. Things other people love... BUT we don't. Why is Streeter's Mom Calling. Brett Eldredge Interview. Behind the Scenes at Kick'n Country Radio: How do...

Belly-Button Lint Collection: What does Streeter Hoard?

Better than collecting belly-button lint? Toenail clippings? - Radio Jay

Do you Coffee or Tea…? #Detox

We have discovered 'detoxing' requires a special person... like Radio Jay.

#SelifiesWithStreeter vs. #StalkersWithStreeter

Fun contest! But thinking of a rename. - Jay & Streeter  

Radio Jay Life Rules #4 Popcorn Stinks

    And offering a toothpick/floss is an 'awkward option amendment' to rule #4. -Radio Jay

How did Jay break his Toe?

    *Crack* - My Toe Oh my, that reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally hurts. - Me *Contently purrs* - Radio Jay's Cat

My morning self just stares at a box of cereal thinking thoughts like this…

Fruit: The Morning Wake-Up Challenge  

Kick’n Country Podcast: PJS are the BEST!

Radio Jay gets honest with Streeter about his past "PJ Judging". Its the latest form of bullying, sweeping the internet. #bullying   EXAMPLES: COOL PJS QUESTIONABLE PJS   Just in case you were wondering PJ DAY is a thing:

When Radio Jay finally remembers his computer password…

Sherlock Radio Throw Back With all the Benedict Cumberbatch craze of late, I thought it only fitting to share a story of tv-without-pictues yesteryear. Enjoy. This is just a classic. - Radio Jay

Where do missing socks go?!

Sock, You. Are. Not. Alone.Single sock, We are with you. Some would say that "Life alone is not a Sock's intended life." But WE, the SUGG, know being just one of a pair is a hard life...

Jay gets lost Radio Jay is really bad at getting lost. Please take care of his cat until he returns.

Facebook Prank 2: Streeter Reacts

Facebook Prank 2: Streeter's Response/Threat.     Facebook prank #1 "We're such 6 year olds." More: ========================== LISTEN: “I Can’t Open This Jar” Tyler Farr Parody Song Coloring books… in the On-Air Studio? Melissa Scream Podcast?

Winner Megan is sick today…

Winner Megan is feeling sick so...     Megan's $600! winning phone call:   More: LISTEN: Parodies Tyler Farr “Guy Walks Into a Bar Song “I can’t open this jar” Read more DJ life Facebook prank "We're such 6 year olds." Melissa Scream Podcast? Coloring...

Facebook Prank 1

Facebook Prank #1 "We're suck stinkers..." -Brad and Jay Facebook Prank #2     Melissa on Screams Podcast? The best smell?

Holding $1 Million Dollars…

Streeter's story of holding a Million dollars. - with Jay & Streeter   LISTEN: Streeter on the Streets: ‘Country or Kanye?”   The best smell? Melissa on Screams Podcast?  More: 99 Problems… and Ice Cream is 1…

Melissa on Screams Podcast?

      Melissa can yell your shoes off... but can't scream somehow...? - with Melissa & Jay  More: 99 Problems… and Ice Cream is 1… WKNK-FM Studio Decorations Get Fancy Why be ExCiTeD about $1000 Dollar Thursday? LISTEN: “The Boyfriend...

The best smell?

What is Flip's favorite smell?   More: New Baby at Kick’n Country! Why be ExCiTeD about $1000 Dollar Thursday?       LISTEN: “The Boyfriend Song” – Country singer Elizabeth Mossell performs in studio – 99 Problems… and Ice Cream is 1… Jay- October 6,...

Kick’n Country Podcast: Local Love: Food: Wheelhouse Deli ANNOUNCEMENT: FIND US 2907 Thomas Dr Panama City, Florida Wheelhouse Sandwich & Deli LLC Call (850) 249-3354 On Friday October 14 we will be opening our Thomas Drive location at 12pm. We will be celebrating The GRAND OPENING and BLESSING...
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