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Kick’n 103.5 Secret Sound: Click Here For The Secret To Winning Free Money!


YOU ARE CURRENTLY TRYING TO GUESS SECRET SOUND #9  – THE $1,000.00 SECRET SOUND!  Scroll Down For Most Recent Guesses!

How To Win:

Listen to Kick’n 103.5 every weekday beginning Thursday, Sept. 28th at 7am, 9am, 3pm and 5pm for the Secret Sound!  Be the designated caller to 850-235-1035 for a chance to guess the Secret Sound.  If you guess it correctly – you WIN Free Money!  Anywhere from $100 to $1,000!!**

**See contest rules page for complete rules and eligibility restrictions


 Secret Sound #9:  ($1,000.00 JACKPOT!!!)

Monday 11/27/2017

7am:  Susan guessed:   A brush rubbing on something

9am:  Eric guessed:  A Car Cranking

3pm:  Susan guessed: Scraping shoes on a matt

5pm: Dylan guessed: Chair sliding on floor


Tuesday 11/28/2017

7am: Amber guessed:  Somebody Sawing Something

9am:  Josh guessed:  Someone scratching on a door

3pm: Claudia guessed: Rubbing trash can lids together

5pm: Rhianne guessed: drum


Wednesday 11/29/2017

7am: Hope guessed:  Cutting Crusty Bread

9am:  Brady guessed: Scratching a Lotto ticket

3pm: Amber guessed: quilting machine

5pm: Julie guessed: Toy Train


Thursday 11/30/2017

7am: Louise guessed: Sandpaper

9am: Joe guessed:  Sandpaper

3pm:  Leanne guessed: Windshield Wipers

5pm: Daniel guessed: Nails in a can


Friday 12/1/2017

7am:  Lori guessed:  Testing a starter on a machine

9am:  Dennis guessed:  Unbalanced Washing Machine

3pm:  Julie guessed:  Blend Ice

5pm: Bobbi guessed: cookies in a tin


Monday 12/4/2017

7am: Lori guessed:  Lighting a blowtorch

9am:  Denise guessed:  Blending Coffee Beans

3pm:  Kelsea guessed: adding machine

5pm: Rhianne guessed: garbage disposal


Tuesday 12/5/2017

7am: Crystal guessed:  Cranking a lawn mower

9am:  Raymond guessed:  An Old Credit Card Swiper

3pm: Julie guessed: Money Counting Machine

5pm: PEGGY guessed: Burnt Toast!


*** CONGRATS TO PEGGY WINNING Secret Sound #9:  $1,000.00 JACKPOT!!! ***

(Here is video proof of the sound)

Peggy won $1,000 yesterday!!!! Why? Because she's burnt toast before too…… yes, our $1,000 secret sound was "scraping burnt toast". Congratulations Peggy!!!!

Posted by Kick'n 103.5 on Wednesday, December 6, 2017


— If you think you know what the secret sound is, be listening for your chance to call!–

850-235-1035 is Kick’n Country’s studio request line.