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Kick’n 103.5 Secret Sound: Click Here For The Secret To Winning Free Money!


Scroll Down For The Most Recent Guesses!  You are currently trying to guess:  SECRET SOUND #4

How To Win:

Listen to Kick’n 103.5 every weekday beginning Thursday, Sept. 28th at 7am, 9am, 3pm and 5pm for the Secret Sound!  Be the designated caller to 850-235-1035 for a chance to guess the Secret Sound.  If you guess it correctly – you WIN Free Money!  Anywhere from $100 to $1,000!!**

**See contest rules page for complete rules and eligibility restrictions

Secret Sound #1 Guesses:


7am:  Natalie guessed:   Ice Maker on Refrigerator

9am:  Dana guessed:  Something Rattling inside a can

3pm: John guessed: A drum

5pm: Aaron guess: Septic Tank


7am: Lorie guessed Golf Balls in a bucket

9am: Emily GUESSED IT!!!  Toilet Handle/Chain Jiggling!  Congratulations! – Winning $100.00 in Cash instantly!   Listen for a brand new sound Monday morning between 7:20-7:30 on The Gulf Coast Morning Show!


Secret Sound #2 Guesses:


7am:  Vivian guessed:   Radio Static (the fuzz switching between stations)

9am:  Miranda guessed:   Crumpling up aluminum.

3pm: Kathy guessed: A broom sweeping

5pm: Susan guessed: walking in leaves



7am: June guessed:  Plastic Grocery Bag

FREE CLUE!:   “You’re going to need these this weekend at Pier Park”

9am:  Congratulations to Michelle P.!!!   She correctly guessed the secret sound:  “Parade Beads”!   She won $200.00!  Be listening tomorrow morning for an all new secret sound at 7:20am!


Secret Sound #3 Guesses:


7am:  Kevin Guessed:  Hinge on a door or window

9am:  Penny Guessed:  A Musical Horn

3pm:  Stephen guessed:  Door hinge

5pm:  Tom guessed:   Door opening



7am:  Heather guessed:   Orchestra Band

9am:  Tina guessed:   A Donkey

3pm: Susan: Party Favor

5pm: Heather: Bassoon



7am:  Brenda guessed:  A Musical Horn

9am:  Tara Guessed:  A Foghorn

3pm: Sierra guessed: Kazoo

5pm: Vickie guessed: Birthday Horn



7am:  Phil guessed:  Twisting an old bolt

FREE CLUE!:  “This could use some WD40.”

9am:  Carol guessed:  Rusty Swingset

3pm:  Claudia guessed: Wood Back-porch Old Door

5pm: Danielle: Duck Call



7am:  Julie guessed:  A Porch Swing

9am:  Jack guessed:  Pneumatic Door closer on commercial door

3pm:  Lyna guessed: An old car door

5pm: Vickie guessed: A Weed-Eater



7am: Bobbie guessed:   A Squeaky turning Bar Stool

9am:  Tammy guessed:  A Lawn Mower

3pm:  Chris guessed:  Cabinet Door

5pm: Davis guessed:  Frog Croaking




7am:  Vivian guessed:  A Porch Screen Door

9am:  Alyssa Guessed:  A baby deer

3pm:  Jennifer guessed: Wagon Wheel

5pm: Dorothy guessed: Grill lid



7am: Bianca Guessed:  A Merry Go Round

9am:  Michael guessed:   A Trumpet

3pm: Phil guessed: Overhead Sliding Door

5pm: Dorothy guessed: Automotive Gear

Bonus Round: Mike guessed: Chest Hinge


10/16/17 – MONDAY

7am: Kenneth guessed: spring on an old screen door

9am: Carol guessed: opening and closing an ironing board

3pm: Susan guessed: Coffin Lid

5pm: Melissa guessed: metal garbage dumpster



FREE CLUE!:  “This could be found at an office.”


10/17/17 – Tuesday

7am: CONGRATULATIONS TO ANITA BROOKS OF PANAMA CITY!!!  She WON $500.00 by correctly identifying the SECRET SOUND #3!  

CORRECT ANSWER:   An Office Chair

Stay tuned for an ALL NEW Secret Sound Tomorrow morning at 7:30am!



SECRET SOUND #4 ($200.00 jackpot!)

Wednesday 10/18/17

7am:  Jonathon guessed:  A Lid Closing on a Trash Can

9am:  Susan guessed:   A filing cabinet drawer

3pm:  Carrolyn: Tailgate Closing

5pm: Vickie: Stacking Chairs


Thursday 10/19/17

7am:  Staci guessed:   Something in a dryer

9am: Kenneth guessed:  An emergency exit door opening and closing

3pm: Aaron guessed: Cash Register

5pm: Dylan guessed: Safe Door


Friday 10/20/17  ** YOU VOTED TO RAISE THE JACKPOT TO $200!!!**

7am:  Wanda guessed:  Folding and unfolding a folding aluminum chair

9am: Justin Guessed:  A garage door

3pm:  Tianna guessed: Filing Cabinet

5pm: Britney guessed: Camera Shutter


Monday 10/23/17 

7am: Your Next Chance To Play and win $200!!


— If you think you know what the secret sound is, be listening for your chance to call!–

850-235-1035 is Kick’n Country’s studio request line.