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Blake Shelton reveals his new album, “Texoma Shore,” was an unplanned surprise


David Becker/Getty Images via ABCBlake Shelton’s tenth studio album will arrive before the end of the year, but the always-unpredictable star of The Voice reveals his latest recording came as a surprise to most everybody.

“I had no plans of putting out an album this year at all,” he tells Entertainment Tonight. “It just happened, you know. I think ‘I’ll Name the Dogs’ is really what set this ball rolling because I’d planned on still being in the middle of releasing music off If I’m Honest. That was the plan. That was the label’s plan, the manager’s plan, and I called one day and said, ‘Hey guys, when this current single runs its course, screw it! Let’s come out with a new album.’ So I caught everybody off guard, which is another indicator of how excited I am about this one.”

If you’re looking for more insights into Blake’s relationship with girlfriend Gwen Stefani or more details about his split from ex-wife Miranda Lambert, the Oklahoma native warns you probably won’t find them on the new record.

“I don’t think this one is as personal,” he says. “There’s a song or two on there that are directly personal. But for the most part, I just made an album that feels like I feel right now, that’s just happy and going with the flow. There might be one or two songs on there that kind of feel like, you know, I’ve lost my dog and my wife,” he jokes, “but it’s really just more about the overall feel.”

Texoma Shore arrives in stores and online November 3.

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