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Kick’n Country Behind the Scenes: How ads really happen.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BiE9g4S_Ty8 We laugh. We cry. We dance and somehow an ad gets done. Streeter and Jay from Kick'n Country Radio create a commercial. Thank you to...

Behind the speakers

I had forgotten I had even recorded this video. It is good to look thru your videos and pictures on your phone every so...

Behind The Microphone: Radio Jay struggles keeping track of the date

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A3thZGwCES8 Radio Jay's method of keeping track of time. Unique and not-good. More: Kick'n Country is now podcasting! Kick'n Country Asks who is better? Batman vs. Superman Behind the...

Smashing things 4

It really is FUN to smash things.

Blast from the Past: My first boiled peanuts EVER!

Thank you Melissa for honestly answering the question of "What are you eating?" when I walked in the studio. "What you've never seen boiled peanuts,...

Smashing things with a sledgehammer part 2

With me swinging a hammer I am glad no one was hurt in these videos. Jay tries his first boiled peanuts: http://kickn1035.com/my-first-boiled-peanuts/