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Behind the speakers

I had forgotten I had even recorded this video. It is good to look thru your videos and pictures on your phone every so...

Behind The Microphone: Radio Jay struggles keeping track of the date

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A3thZGwCES8 Radio Jay's method of keeping track of time. Unique and not-good. More: Kick'n Country is now podcasting! Kick'n Country Asks who is better? Batman vs. Superman Behind the...

Morning show eats oreo for your entertainment

You thought Oreos couldn't get more addictive...

Blast from the Past: My first boiled peanuts EVER!

Thank you Melissa for honestly answering the question of "What are you eating?" when I walked in the studio. "What you've never seen boiled peanuts,...

Smashing things 4

It really is FUN to smash things.

Smashing things with a sledgehammer part 2

With me swinging a hammer I am glad no one was hurt in these videos. Jay tries his first boiled peanuts: http://kickn1035.com/my-first-boiled-peanuts/

Smash 5 – no one was cut open

"I love my job."-Jay