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Do you Coffee or Tea…? #Detox

We have discovered 'detoxing' requires a special person... like Radio Jay.

#SelifiesWithStreeter vs. #StalkersWithStreeter

Fun contest! But thinking of a rename. - Jay & Streeter  

Radio Jay Life Rules #4 Popcorn Stinks

    And offering a toothpick/floss is an 'awkward option amendment' to rule #4. -Radio Jay

How did Jay break his Toe?

    *Crack* - My Toe Oh my, that reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally hurts. - Me *Contently purrs* - Radio Jay's Cat

My morning self just stares at a box of cereal thinking...

Fruit: The Morning Wake-Up Challenge  

Kick’n Country Podcast: PJS are the BEST!

Radio Jay gets honest with Streeter about his past "PJ Judging". Its the latest form of bullying, sweeping the internet. #bullying   EXAMPLES: COOL PJS QUESTIONABLE PJS   Just in case...

Kick’n Country Podcast: Found a penny from 1910!

What a cool journey to day dream about on-work-hours. - Radio Jay   "We've been waiting a hundred years to meet." - Penny "Hi!" - Me "You know...

When Radio Jay finally remembers his computer password…


Sherlock Radio Throw Back

https://youtu.be/w2KMWLd-MVk With all the Benedict Cumberbatch craze of late, I thought it only fitting to share a story of tv-without-pictues yesteryear. Enjoy. This is just...

Where do missing socks go?!

Sock, You. Are. Not. Alone.Single sock, We are with you. Some would say that "Life alone is not a Sock's intended life." But WE, the SUGG, know...