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Man Rules Podcast: #2 In the John

Rules: in the John

$ecret $ounds: Round 2 for Money!

Here at Kick'n 103.5 we have a new On-Air Ca$h Game: We've made it harder. Lets see if Streeter can win this cash this time:...

How to Play: $ecret $ounds

Here at Kick'n 103.5 we have a new On-Air Ca$h Game: Lets see if Streeter can win this cash! Here is how you play:

Only Other People Love This…

Things Other People Love But You Can't Stand? -with Streeter & Jay.mp3   Behind the Scenes: How ads really happen. More Kick'ncasting: Batman vs Superman. RIP Merle Haggard

All I need to know about you: Gas Pumps

  -with Streeter and Jay

Radio Jay’s Troublesome Zipper

#62 as explained by Streeter and Radio Jay.

What’s the Most Popular Emoji in Every State?

See the Pic!  I'm not sure if you can learn a lot about an entire state by the emojis they like . . . but...

Six Crazy Stats About Hurricane Irma

 Here are a few of the craziest stats about Hurricane Irma: Hurricane Irma could be THE strongest hurricane this country has ever seen.  Here are...

Why would Frost want a hairless cat?

"They are goofy and terrifying all at the same time." - Radio Jay & Frost talk their childhood dreams. Frost has a weird one....

Who would have thought: Flip & Streeter Stink at Cornhole

The Game: Cornhole The Technical Drawings: The Place: DCP The Date: 8/29/17 The Grand Prize: Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam Tickets The Reason: Because its a blast! The Terrible Team:...