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Bad Hurricane Names?

The real system we should use to determine how nasty the weather is going to be. - with Radio Jay & Larry  

” ITS FOR THE FAMILY” – Villain Fairy Tales – A...

Kinda proud. I mean just look at it. The book looks intense! Cool news, my cousin has an author credit in a book! Had to...

Fireworks and Werewolves go together?

  Get a thunder-coat to help calm your pet. Be safe and have a good 4th. - Radio Jay & Ian Mexican Fireworks Factory Erupts. http://www.cnn.com/videos/world/2016/12/21/mexico-fireworks-blast-cnn-orig.cnn  

Costume Rip-Off Fun – Relay For Life 2017 Recap

https://youtu.be/zUGi2ecvXnk One of the fun events at Arnold HS's Relay For Life is the 'dress-making' competition. Not on the scheduled events: The Unofficial Costume Rip-off...

Radio Jay is cheap… and likes wet feet…?


Watermelon vs. Rubberbands Video

https://youtu.be/GM6l31p58WM Watermelon vs. Sledgehammer II Military Teer-Jerking Event – Warning raw audio- Radio Jay Hiking The Grand Canyon More Podcast: All Podcasts page Updates from Dolce Italiano Restaurant