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Morning show eats oreo for your entertainment

You thought Oreos couldn't get more addictive...

Have a TV in your Bedroom?

    Is it behind the times to not watch TV in bed? -Radio Jay & Mark The Shark  

World Record Basketball Shot. 600+ feet!

Normally Cool/HARD:  Guinness World Record: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=trW9rxpSBxA&feature=youtu.be

Man puts his hand in molten metal…?!

Big on the internet today: "WHATINTHEWORLD-WHYWOULDYOU!?" -me   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-cfcsdGODMA

This is a hat.

  Lets debate if sleds make good hats. -Mark-da-Shark & Radio Jay Now that its cold-outside. More interest on the word below:     I'd always know the word "toboggan"...

Man Rules Podcast #4: Relationship lines

"Yes, some rules shouldn't need to be written down. But there is now a man rules field guide."   -Radio Jay & Mark-Da-Shark    

A Little Girl In a Christmas Play Steals Baby Jesus From...

"That's not part of the story!" -hahahahahhaahHHAHHAHAHWEHHWHHAHAHH https://www.facebook.com/tana.benson/videos/10105696657734125/

Coloring books… in the On-Air Studio?

https://youtu.be/iHRKpBbPMd8     This makes a headache go away? Read more Blast from the Past: Jay Smashing the 1st water melon Jay- September 17, 2016 When you start a sentence with "You...

Blast From The Past: Radio Jay Regrets Hot Sauce

https://youtu.be/Zs7HEeL2yF4   More: LISTEN: Flip & Streeter talk with Jo Dee Messina & Autumn Calabrese Radio Jay hates melons. Going Inside The New Dolce Italiano Restaurant Love the Military? –...

How did Jay break his Toe?

    *Crack* - My Toe Oh my, that reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally hurts. - Me *Contently purrs* - Radio Jay's Cat   (Post from 2017.)