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Blast from the Past: Intern gives Kick’n Country Advice

  Kick'n Country says goodbye to intern Gina!   More: http://kickn1035.com/watermelon-versus-sledgehammer/ http://kickn1035.com/military-teer-jerking-event-warning-raw-audio/   Even more: All Podcasts page Trying the new Dolce Italiano restaurant.


@6/13/18: 6pm: A studio caller was sure he knew what the Secret sound is. He was wrong. So you get a hint. Have a listen. Try to win the...

Smash 5 – no one was cut open

"I love my job."-Jay

Kick’n Podcast: Jay has a sliced bread epiphone

    Jay spaced out making his lunch today... here are his thoughts... about bread.

Expired: Secret Sound Wrong Guesser Hint

  One listener tried to **almost** cheat, so we wanted to share their wrong guess with everyone to get you a step closer to guessing...

Kick’n Country Turns Embarrassing Mom into a Contest: Happy Mother’s Day?

Finally the embarrassing parts of raising kids are paying off! We just turned embarrassing Mom into a contest for Mother's Day: Moms, share your stories! Listen to...

Just for fun: Pic of the day #9

News Headline: Nasa sends probe to Uranus Everybody: *giggles*   Just for fun: Pic of the day: laughing is allowed, today and today only. The face Stapler face...

Expired: Just for fun: Pic of the day #14

"Beer is proof, God wants us to be happy." -Thomas Edison   Just for fun: Pic of the day: Try not to smile :)

Future Theory

Some people want to be buried with hundreds of pounds of glitter in the coffin with them. This way when a future archaeologists finds...

Ruin your bacon/Make your popcorn awesome?

We do this for your entertainment/warning.