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50 Cent hopes his new BET sketch comedy show “lives up to… ‘In Living Color'”


ABC/Paula Lobo(NEW YORK) — 50 Cent may not be a stand-up comedian, but he feels right at home as the creator and host of BET’s new late-night sketch comedy show, 50 Central.  But the rapper, who’s known to be somewhat of a jokester himself, says the show has a lot more to offer than just comedy. 

“Technically it’s a variety show, but it has a lot of different things in it,” 50 tell ABC Radio. “It feels like a talent search, almost, and showcasing a lot of new talent from different people and different categories and stuff like that.”

“There’s so many people that do things that are interesting,” he adds. “Like, they make you wonder, ‘Why did you spend the time to be that good at that?'”

In addition to a mix of comedy skits by a fairly unknown cast, 50’s new show offers stand-up routines, hidden camera pranks and musical guests. According to Fif, 50 Central is designed to connect with kids. 

“The target is definitely a younger audience,” 50 explains. “I feel like the actual sense of humor, the comedy that’s there, that they’ll completely be able to grasp it.”

While 50 is confident that his new show is destined for success, the rapper-turned actor hopes that it will also follow in the footsteps of one of its legendary predecessors.

“I make comparisons with In Living Color because of how many stars broke from that show,” 50 says. “You know, so I hope to live up to what In Living Color did.”

50 Central premieres tonight at 10:30 p.m. ET on BET.

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